Art Me Association, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, aims to discover innovative new art and introduce it to society. We promote and support emerging new generation artists and especially those working at the interfaces of generative art, artificial intelligence, photography and digital imaging. Our artists use these techniques to reveal extraordinary inspiration, mystery, emotion, spirituality and beauty in a variety of mediums.

Art Me believes that art should inspire a personal response and reflection in every soul, where the boundaries are extended and the mind is opened to new perspectives on human life and society.

Art Me is open to cooperation with all interested art market partic©ipants in Switzerland and abroad who share this aspiration for involvement in diverse and innovative art projects.


Photo by Nick Lauvrys



Jana Sam & Alexander Mordvintsev: Stunning Contemporary Innovation



Extraordinary Artistic Duo: Alex Mordvintsev and Jana Sam build a bridge between abstract mathematical spaces emerging from Artificial Intelligence networks and the language of visual arts to create a mind blowing array of digital discoveries.

Their art depicts the human subconscious, desires and emotions, spirituality, memories and fantasies, released through Artificial Intelligence emerged from the results of web search engines. They provide a unique and distinctive experience, surprising the viewer with thoughtful and positive emotions, as the Impressionism of the past merges seamlessly into elements of the Inceptionism of the future.

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