Jana Sam & Alexander Mordvintsev: Stunning Contemporary Innovation



Alex Mordvintsev has worked for nearly ten years on various industrial and research applications of image processing and computer vision. He joined Google Zurich in 2014, where he started to work on the understanding and interpretation of machine learning models based on deep neural networks. In 2015 he developed the DeepDream algorithm, attracting wide public attention to the emergent generative capabilities of these techniques.

Jana Sam is Alex’ wife, creative partner and source of inspiration. She has closely followed Alexander’s work for many years, bringing her advice and insights to the deep connections between mathematical interpretation and visual impact. These two artists build on deep expertise in modern artificial intelligence to constantly develop contemporary and dynamic new outcomes.



2018 Doors of Perception, Contemporary Art Fair Zurich, Switzerland, September 2018

2018                   Zoogler Art Expo at Google Zurich, Switzerland

2016                   Inside Gray Area & Google’s First DeepDream Art Show at Gray Area, San Francisco, CA, USA